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From, To, Via. • ända, → culo; nalgas, ↔ butt — buttocks. • ända, → finir; terminar; acabar, ↔ end — ergative, intransive: be finished, be terminated. • ända, →  As for the special grants awarded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to Indosa workers whose employment contracts had been terminated, the Spanish  7 learning languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian The current term of in-app subscriptions cannot be terminated. Conduit Size 21mm, Acetal (POM), Provides a Smooth Finish to Conduit Preventing Any Damage to Cables When Not Terminated with a Fitting, Black  The "ten years war" had terminated, leaving the island much embarrassed in its material interests, and woefully scandalized by the methods of procedure  with understanding of the market needs through development until the product is terminated, including prizing, marketing, supply chain related topics, labeling,  1:New, 2: Runnable, 3: Running, 4:Waiting, 5: Timed waiting, 6: Blocked, 7: Terminated. Beskriv en tråds tillstånd NEW. Vi har skapat en Tråd men inte startat  14 jan.

Terminated in spanish

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English-Swedish dictionary. Examples of translating «Program» in context: Program terminated. Programmet avslutat. source. Complain. Corpus name:  The steering rack controls the front wheels by means of two track rods, terminated by replaceable joints - the "Track Rod Ends", attached to the swivel hubs.

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There will be no temporary lay-offs. Ponsse Plc's subsidiary Epec Oy  EnglishSome measures have been terminated and others have been maintained under stricter conditions. more_vert.

Terminated in spanish

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Skapa profil för att se matchresultat · Category Manager Petrochemicals EMEAI Ny. Clariant.

Terminated in spanish

tûr′mə-nāt′. transitive. -nat·ed, -nat·ing, to end terminar, concluir.
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Terminated in spanish


See the full list of Spanish and English Cognates. Definition of terminated in the dictionary. Meaning of terminated. What does terminated mean?
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poner fin a. Gloria decided to terminate her friendship with Erlinda when she learned the truth.Gloria decidió poner fin a la amistad con Erlinda cuando supo la verdad. b.


彩音 - Irregular entropy. 154 bpm • Fmin • 04:23. This may be the last chance to prevent the investigation from being terminated. Director: Mikael Marcimain.

Primary and hospital care provision is now under direct  Examples of other employment at-will exceptions include laws which protect employees from termination or retaliation for filing workers' compensation claims,   Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Anaheim, Orange County - Were you appointments by request, and offer legal services in Arabic and Spanish if needed.